16-Apr-2024Today's Market Indicators

Bharti Airtel to offer seamless connectivity for India's first under water metro in Kolkata
(11:51, 26 Feb 2024)
Bharti Airtel announced its pioneering initiative to deliver uninterrupted connectivity to metro commuters by deploying high-capacity nodes 35 meters below river Hooghly. Airtel has invested in the infrastructure ahead of the actual commercial launch of service, which is expected soon. This makes Airtel the first operator to deliver seamless connectivity through the 4.8km stretch in Kolkata's East ? West Metro corridor connecting Howrah Maidan with the Esplanade.

To facilitate this transformative service, Airtel has connected the 4.8- km stretch between Howrah Maidan, Howrah Station, Mahakaran and Esplanade stations through fiber. High-capacity nodes at each of these stations have been deployed for seamless connectivity allowing commuters to enjoy blazing 5G speeds, uninterrupted voice calls and data transmission that enhance the daily commute experience and allow customers to stay connected and productive through their travel.

India's first underwater metro is an engineering marvel connecting Howrah to Kolkata and will be thrown open to the public soon.

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